5 Best Android Widgets Free For Your Home Screen

When you talk about the most popular mobile platform then Android has to be on the list. From its initial days itself, users found this platform interesting. The main reason for its popularity is its customizing options. From the wide range of customization options widgets is one of them. Almost every Android user has used this feature at least once. From the Android widgets list, we have picked the best Android widgets for you.

Best android widgets

Best Android Widgets

First, let’s get into the meaning of widgets. A widget is a simple extension that is part of another application. It is a standalone mini-app that runs on your device’s home screen. They are available in different sizes and shapes. They are customizable so you can move them to your home screen for quick access. Without opening the application you can quickly access the information.

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Dashclock Widget

Most of the Android users like using the clock widget. By default, Android provides you with the same but is it really as functional as it should be? I don’t think so. You can just check the time on the default widget. You must check the Dashclock widget for better options. Although it is a simple app if you add the plugins then it can be highly functional. Some of its basic features include the weather, calendar, clock, and Gmail support. Thus, it makes its way to the best free Android widgets list.


If you are looking for best Android widgets free that is powerful too then IFTTT is the best. It acts as an assistant to you. You can create automated tasks using this widget. You can use it for multiple purposes. The user can do everything from texting someone to turning the hue lights on or off. It will take you time to understand it fully but it’s rather a fun way to automate tasks.

Beautiful Widgets

You might have understood by the name itself that it is not a single application. This is the oldest app that has been receiving praise ever since its launch. This Android phone widget has a free and paid version. You can try the free version and then decide whether you want to buy it or not. The free Android widgets include weather widgets, toggles, flip clock, and more.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT is one of the best Android widgets 2018 that allows you to make your own widgets.  For editing, there is a WYSIWYG editor. It is much easier for you to customize widgets Android using this application. You can display details like date, traffic, location, time, next alarm, and much more. The widget itself supports other apps like Tasker and Zooper. You can make changes to make it look the way you want. Thus, it will look like a personalized app.

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Google Keep

This is an official application by Google. This one is much better as compared to the other Google apps like Launcher, Gmail, and Camera. The reason is its ease of access and simplicity. You might have come across a Windows PC widget i.e. Sticky notes. You can make list notes, text notes, and even voice notes. If you want to share them with someone then you can even do that. It has some widgets that help you write the notes quickly. You can even check Facebook widgets Android on the Play store.

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