Tips and Tricks To Free up Space on iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones. It has become a style statement for many. The photos and videos on this mobile are of high-quality. With such high-resolution, the size of the files is high too. On iPhone, you cannot use an SD card for storing more data. You are fully dependent on the handset’s internal memory. Thus, it is necessary that you know how to free up space on iPhone.

Free up space on iPhone

Free Up Space on iPhone

For the first time buyer who doesn’t know much about memory may even find 16gb iPhone 6 enough. You might be irritated by the iPhone low memory messages. There are tons of new and interesting applications available on the app store. You have to think before downloading them as they make take up a lot of space on your mobile. So you need to be aware of the unnecessary data that is taking up the storage space. We have listed some tips for you so that you can know how to manage storage on iPhone 6 and other versions. You can use the methods given below

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How to Free Up Space on iPhone using iCloud

The iCloud is the most interesting feature added to the iPhone. When you switch from an old Apple device to the new one it helps in synchronizing the data. You just need to log in using the id of your old phone and you are done. With your iCloud account, you get 5 GB of free space. To get more storage on iPhone you can buy up to 50 GB of space on iCloud by paying $0.99.

Turn Off Auto-Saving Text Messages

How to manage storage on iPhone 6

Messages on your phone take up a lot of space. Although users have now shifted to the messenger for text messages but still every day we receive a lot of messages. These messages could be from shopping website, banks, and others.

  • On your iPhone open the settings application.
  • Now, go to messages->message history->keep messages.
  • Now, you will be able to that this option is turned on forever. You will have to change the

settings to 30 days preferably. This will delete it after the set period of time.

Turn Off Normal Photo Saving Option

iPhone storage capacity

You might have noticed that iPhone storage full but nothing on iPhone. By nothing we mean those extra applications or unnecessary data. Everyone has photos on their device. Do you know iPhone saves the original version of a photo even if you use the HDR feature? You can improve your iPhone storage capacity by turning off the normal photo saving. Go to the photos and camera option on the settings page. Now, scroll down and tap on the “keep normal photo” option to turn it off.

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Delete Applications or Media Files

iPhone low memory

Do you have the habit of downloading unnecessary applications on your device? If yes, then this is the best way to get more storage on iPhone. Go to the “manage storage” section in the settings application. You will be able to see space used by these applications. Based on this information you can delete the applications.

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