Funimation Now: Service to Watch Anime Online

If you talk about anime series then nothing is impossible in it. You can achieve anything in the anime format. The fans of American cartoons might know that there is no meaning hidden in them. When it comes to Anime series they have a lot of depth in them with a deeper meaning that you discover once you watch the series. Here, we are going to talk about Funimation Now that is a must try for anime fans.

Funimation Now

Funimation Now

There is something interesting about animated visuals that attract multiple users. The use of bright colors and intriguing characters makes it popular especially amongst the kids. There is an even certain animation that is catered towards attracting both the younger and older audience. This is what makes the Funimation shows popular. It has a wide range of series with high-quality streaming.

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The Origin of Funimation Now

People were always looking for options like to watch anime online websites. Funimation was actually the correct answer to all their queries. It was in 1994 in Texas that the establishment of the studio began. If you do not know then its owners are one of the best anime distributors in the United States. Earlier the site’s label was “Funimation” but then the Company changed its name to “Funimation Now”.

Types of Plans on Funimation Now

Funimation Now has two different versions available for the user. You can check them in details below:

  • Free version: This is the best option for those who are looking for videos free of cost with little limitations. Everything comes at a cost so there are certain things you need to adjust it. Here, the number of titles is less. Some of the videos are of HD quality and some not. The ads will play quite frequently so you need to wait for a few seconds in between. You will have to use Funimation now login for this service too.
  • Paid Version: Here the user has two options to select from. You can either opt for the monthly plan or annual plan. The monthly plan charges $5.99 while the annual plan costs $59.99. For the first time users, it’s better they opt for the monthly subscription. Once you watch the shows for about a month then you can decide on whether you want to extend it to an annual subscription. There is even Funimation promo code available to reduce the charges.

What Can You Watch on Funimation Now?

Watch anime online websites

When it comes to comparing the content then this site is quite similar to Netflix. As both of them offer popular and classic titles. On this website, there is a wide range of anime collection. It covers genres such as Romance, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Romance, and Action. There is a special edition of the “SimulCasts” to the site. Here, you can find the latest Japanese series just after weeks of its broadcast. This series is dubbed in English so that you can easily understand it. You can even watch Funimation dragon ball super on it.

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Final Verdict

We have given complete details about the site. The Funimation store has a lot to offer to the user. This site is a perfect choice for those looking for old to new anime shows. Some people find it difficult to concentrate on the shows with subtitles. As while you read them the video plays and miss out on certain scenes. Funimation Now is one of those dubbed anime sites that provide streaming in the English language. You must definitely try this service once.

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