List of 4K content on Netflix (Movies, Series, and TV shows)

In the past few decades, the quality of videos has changed a lot. Today we have so many videos streaming sites like YouTube, Voot, which have thousands of hours of videos, and it is humanly impossible to watch them all I one life. Then we also have Netflix that is a giant in streaming videos industry and has many popular TV shows and movies uploaded. Users can watch them with a paid subscription and absolutely ad Free.

4K Content on Netflix

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4K content on NetFlix

NetFlix has started making a 4D collection since 2014. Netflix claims to have around 600 hours of content available in the 4K format.  So whether you are a new subscriber to NetFlix or you are using it already you can watch it on a 4K device only. So to enjoy these videos it’s a mandate to have a compatible TV Set. Netflix is planning to expand its list of content in all the categories, like series, documentaries, and movies.

Netflix 4K on PC: UHD Resolution

If you still believe that 1080p videos are the best quality videos, it is time to wake up. The new buzz in the market is 2160p or Ultra HD. The new 4K resolution has 4 times pixels and twice the horizontal and vertical resolution compared to its forbearer. These videos are much more clear, sharp and crisp in the quality.

Gone are the days of HD videos. The latest buzz is 4K UHD videos. This video resolution has already been a standard among video making industry, but it has not yet completely touched the routine life of every household. You can simply search 4K or UHD to find Ultra HD content and we enjoy entertainment with your friends and family on your latest 4K Television.

Netflix popular TV series

  1. The Originals
  2. The Vampire Diaries.
  3. Orange is the New Back
  4. The Crown
  5. 13 reasons Why?

NetFlix 4k movies list 2018

  1. Clinical
  2. Bas Asses on the Bayou.
  3. No Filter
  4. Sandy Wexler
  5. The Young Defenders
  6. Girlfriend’s day
  7. Deidra & Laney Rob a Train.
  8. Fireplace 4K: Classic Crackling

Requirements for watching 4K videos on Netflix:

  • Ensure you have 4K media players
  • You can watch it on windows laptop also, but it will be a compromise experience.
  • You should have the top subscription of NetFlix to access 4K.
  • You must have a good Internet connection, 16mbps speed.

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Netflix 4K plan

NetFlix 4K plan cost is around 12 $. In this plan, you will get 4 Screens and unlimited access to 4K videos and normal HD videos also. You can watch all movies, series, documentaries, stand up comedies at your choice of time and place with this plan.

4K movies streaming sites

Just in case you are not satisfied with NetFlix collection of 4K and you want more, there are other sites also on which you can watch Netflix. Few of the popular ones are:

  • Amazon Prime video- There is a great collection of 4K movies on Amazon Primes.
  • Direct TV
  • Vudu

Final Verdict

As we have suggested, it’s only wise to subscribe to Netflix 4K Plan if you have a compatible media player. Since technology will always keep on evolving, you must go with the latest ones, this is going to be standard in all household for future. Apart from it, there is a huge collection you can watch in Netflix HD resolution.

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