5 Best iPhone Apps Free That You Must Try Once

With iPhone’s popularity increasing day by day there is a flood of new and interesting application in the App Store. Some of them may be of high-quality while some may not. You need to find out apps that are good for you. If you are a punctual person then an app that has an alarm clock for reminding you of the different task is of no use to you. You need to understand both your requirements and apps functioning. You can check the list of best iPhone apps to know more.

Best iPhone apps

Best iPhone Apps

App Store has over 2 million different applications related to reading, news, traveling, music, entertainment and more. There are multiple free apps on Apple store that offer similar services as the paid ones do. In a number of exciting ways, you can expand your device’s capability. After proper research and review, these fun free apps are added to the list. These are the top iPhone apps of all time and you are going to love them


This is one of the smart apps for iPhone. You will feel like the entire global economy is in your pocket now. Unlike other apps, it gives information in the form of conversation. The user receives messages in the form of text, GIFs, and photos. The newest addition to the messaging is 3D objects that allow the user to view everything in augmented reality. It’s best part is that the news is written by smart journalists.

Free apps on Apple Store

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Yonder is one of the best free apps for iPhone. If you love traveling then this app is going to make you love it even more. When you travel to a certain place then you can discover interesting outdoor places over there. You can even meet the people who love those places. If you want to share your favorite experience then you can even add them to the application. You can discover incredible outdoor services and communities at your fingertips.

Free apps for iPhone

ProCam 5

ProCam 5 works in the same way as the name suggests i.e. professional camera. The application will also provide you more control over the phone’s built-in camera that the camera itself does. It has multiple shooting modes like Night Mode, Video, Slow shutter, portrait mode, 3D photos, and video. For different models of iPhone the frame rate, time-lapse, and resolution vary. Although this application is paid the amount is very less as compared to the features it offers. This is one of the best paid apps iOS.

Smart apps for iPhone

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The Battle of Polytopia

This is one of the best games for iPhone. When you search for popular game apps you will always find this one on the list. It is a strategic adventure game that involves fighting the evils to rule the world. You can even compete with your friends using the online battles. You can pick your favorite tribe from the list. Your kids are going to love this game as it has beautiful rainbows and unicorns.

Best games for iPhone


For music lovers, Spotify is a must-have app. If you compare the playlists and recommendations of this application with other music streaming app you will find this one better. The user can search for songs by using the artist, album, or title. If you want access to other advanced features then you must upgrade to the premium plan.

Top iPhone apps of all time

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