7 Best Anime Apps for Android to watch Anime online

Anime is a word used for animation. The meaning of this term is all form of animated media. A lot of people like anime movies. The anime culture began in Japan and slowly became popular in other countries too. It has fantastic themes, vibrant characters, and colorful graphics. We have listed the anime apps for android. You can install these android apps on your device and watch the movies online.

Anime apps for android

Anime Apps for Android

With smartphone becoming the need of today, people want everything on this device. These phones can perform any task with much more convenience. You can watch anime movies online using the anime apps.  Anime shows you a world that is impossible to build in real. They use an ideal story-telling mechanism to combine graphic art, cinematography, and other forms of imaginative techniques. You can download these anime apps free of cost.


With AnimeLab app, it becomes easy for you to access good anime. This is your ultimate destination for watching the anime movies. The shows on this app are directly sourced from Japan. After sourcing the best shows, they are tracked to you in the fastest way possible.  AnimeLab is legal and free. There is no restriction on the number of anime movies you can watch.

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Animania is an awesome anime streaming app android to watch anime at ease. The app is not officially available in the Google Play store. If the legality of an app doesn’t bother you, download the APK file from this app.  There are hundreds of anime stories with their description. Quality of videos on the app is high. From the list of the genre, you can choose the one you want. You can download free anime by just clicking on the download button.


Are you looking for an anime app that has excellent anime content? If yes then Reddit has to be your choice. There are different sections for discussion, recommendation, and other spots. You can check when the new episodes are coming and their location of streaming.  Popular anime categories have subreddits too. These give more description of the application.

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is one of the most famous anime franchises. Naruto Shippuden has a collection of all the seasons of Naruto. If you are a fan of this series, you can download the app. You can use the application on a variety of platforms. These include Apple TV, Roku, PS3, and PS4 along with the android devices. With premium membership, you can enhance your anime experience. You can access exclusive ad-free content on the app.


Are you a fan of old classic movies? Funimation will perfectly fulfill your need for good old classic anime. There are two versions of this app. One is free and the other is paid. If you install the free version then the number of titles will be limited.  With decent video quality, ads are played at regular intervals. At an affordable price, you can become a paid member of this app. Thus, you can watch anime movies online with High-definition quality.

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Do you love apps that offer easy and smooth user interface? Viewster is a free anime streaming app that gives best browsing experience to the user. You can watch the content in DVD quality. Some of the anime movies are also available in HD quality. You can even watch movies other than the anime ones. The app has a good mix of different type of movies.

Anime TV

Anime TV app is known for its superior quality. Instead of watching the series online you can download and watch them later. Thus, you can watch the series offline wherever you go. If you are looking for a fun way of learning language, you can achieve the same. You can watch the anime series with titles in English, Japanese, and Portuguese. The application focuses on productivity so the number of categories is limited.

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