How to Find IP Address of Router on Windows & Mac

The IP address is a short identifying number that helps in identifying a piece of hardware. IP address helps in communication between different devices. Home and office have a specific location that is identified using the address. Similarly, IP addresses are used to differentiate network devices from each other. Here, the article explains how to find IP address of router. You won’t need router username and password for finding the same.

How to Find IP Address of Router

How to Find IP Address of Router

Every system has its own IP address. When you connect to a system, the system’s IP address is not used. Computers connect to the routers. Then the routers connect the system to the internet. Here, the routers use their own IP address. Thus, the routers act as a bridge. This bridge connects the home or business network to the outside world.

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IP Address of Router

You must first understand the type of IP addresses. This will give you a better understanding of the networking process.

  • Public: A public IP address is the one that the router receives from the ISP. For accessing the network publicly like your home router you need this address. Public IP addresses are often called Internet IP address. You can consider the public IP address as any other address of yours. For example- Your home address and email address.
  • Private: Private IP address is the one used on an internal network. You can also refer to private address as local IP address. Devices within the private network are not directly connected to the internet.
  • Dynamic: This type of IP address is automatically assigned. The DHCP server assigns this address to each connection on the network. This address is completely opposite of static IP address.
  • Static: Static IP address is manually configured for a device. It is not assigned by a DHCP server. Here, the static means it doesn’t change. Other names of this type of address are dedicated IP address or fixed IP address.

Find IP Address of Router

Here, the steps are given for the Windows Operating system.

  • First, tap on the Windows icon on the bottom-left corner. In the earlier operating systems, there used to be a “start” button. In the latest version, the look of the button is replaced with Windows icon.
  • Just above the power button, there is a “Settings” option. Tap on the option to open the settings page.
  • Open the “Network and Internet” page.
  • Click on “View your network properties”.

Find IP Address of Router

  • Look for the “Default gateway”. The number displayed in front of this option is the router’s IP address. Windows uses the term default gateway for the same.

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 How to Find Router IP Address Mac

  • For finding the address, you need to click on the apple icon. The icon appears on the top-left corner of the screen. This would open a list of menus for you.
  • Select the second option i.e. System Preferences.

IP Address of Router

  • Look for the “Network” option. The option looks like a sphere with lines.
  • Once the “Networks” page opens, tap on “advanced”. In case this option is not visible to you, tap on the current network connection.
  • You will see a list of tabs. Tap on “TCP/IP” tab. Note your router’s IP address.

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