How to Insert Page Number in Word (2007/2010)?

Page numbers make the Word document look more professional. Microsoft Word allows the user to add a different type of page numbers. You can change the style, color, and other features of the numbers easily. You can learn how to insert page number in Word by going through the article. By using the methods mentioned in the document you can add page number in word 2010 also.

How to Insert Page Number in Word

How to Insert Page Number in Word

There are many benefits of adding a page number to the Word document. The data of the document remains in order. You can easily refer a specific point on a page. For example- There is a mistake in one of the paragraph of the Word document. You will have to go through all the pages to find that particular paragraph. Now, if you add a page number you can easily find the page without much effort.

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How to Insert Page Number in Word 2007

There are two methods of adding a page number. You can either add a page number in Word using the design tab or insert tab. Both the methods are mentioned below:

  • First, open the document for which you want to add page numbers.
  • Now, double-click on the bottom or top of your Word document. If you tap at the bottom, a dotted line will appear with a cursor below it. It’s called the footer section of the page. The page numbers tab is on the left side.

How to Insert Page Number in Word 2007

  • There is an alternate method too. Tap on the insert menu to view its options in the ribbon. Here, the page numbers tab will appear somewhere in the middle of the ribbon.
  • Now, tap on page numbers and a drop-down menu will open.
  • Move your cursor on “Top of Page” or “Bottom of Page”. On the right, sample page number options will appear. You just need to tap on the sample to add page number in Word.

How to Insert Page Numbers in Word 2010

If you want to start the numbering of a page with “1” at the middle of the page, use following steps:

  • First, place the cursor on the page from which you want the page numbers to begin.
  • On the menu bar, there is a page layout tab. Tap on the page layout.
  • Now, click on “Breaks” drop-down on the ribbon. Select the next page option.

Add a Page Number in Word

  • Double click on the page number. Select the “Page Number” option from the Insert menu.
  • Open the format page numbers dialog box and add “1” to the “Start At” text field.

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How to Add Page Numbers in Word 2016

Microsoft Word offers an easy way for customizing the page numbers. You can insert page number in Word and then make the desired changes. To know more about How to Insert Page Number in Word, keep reading.

  • First, open the document and move your cursor to the page number.
  • You will have to select the page number. Double-click the page number and it will appear highlighted.
  • A small box for changing the settings will appear. Now, change the font, size, and color of the page. The changes you apply on one page will appear on the entire document.

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