How to Compress Zip Files Online?

If you have lots of data to store on your hard drive then by using compression you can create a folder by compressing the files that you have in your drive as it will take less space. Windows XP has inbuilt compression feature that does the same thing. You can compress the Zip files via various ways which we have listed below. Check how to compress zip files here.

How to compress zip files

How to Compress Zip files?

  • To create a compressed folder, you need to open the My Computer folder.
  • There you need to find the folder where you will be going to create the compressed folder.
  • Click on that folder and try to open it.
  • Select file> New>Compressed folder.
  • After selecting this, you need to rename the folder and press enter.
  • The new compressed folder will have zip icon indicating that the file present in it is compressed.
  • If you want to compress files then just drag the files into the compressed folder whereas to uncompress the file again you can drag the file out from the folder.

What you need to know before compressing the files?

Before compressing, you must know these things.

  • If you have zipped folder already then to add files you need to drag them to the folder.
  • If you have encrypted files and you want to add to your zipped folder, then you need to unencrypt it first.
  • There are few types of files including JPEG images and files that are compressed. If you zip lots of pictures into that folder then the size of the folder will be the same as the size of the zipped one.

How to compress attachments during composing messages?

Compress zip files

To compress the attachments, you can use the outlook platform and other programs that let you attach files via standard windows.

  • Open the dialog box.
  • Locate the file that you want to attach.
  • Press the right-click and select Add to
  • Press the new zip file and click on it then insert to attach the zip file.

Compress files using ES File Explorer

  • Install the ES File Explorer.
  • Search the file that you want to compress.
  • Press on the folder for a longer time.
  • Select the file and tap on one of the files to enable the multiple selections.
  • After selecting all the files, click on the more option and then click on the Compress icon.
  • Rename the folder and make few changes in its settings.
  • Set the password and click on the OK button.

Compressing the file is not only for desktop and laptops but also for Android devices. Compressing the number of files into a single zip folder makes the file management easier. Now if you want to store many files and documents then you can compress them and store them in a compressed Zip folder using the method.

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