How to Remove Password from Windows 10 Lock Screen

Want to remove the Password for Windows 10? Are you looking for an easy way to password removal? Every operating system offers a different method for removing the password. Similarly, Windows 10 has a whole new way of removing the password. If you want an answer to your query on How to Remove Password from Windows 10, keep reading. These steps will also solve your queries on change password Windows 10.

How to remove password from Windows 10

How to Remove Password from Windows 10

Windows 10 is a computer operating system with advanced features. The operating system belongs to the family of Windows NT. Passwords on the system help in protecting the device. The system denies access to the user until the user enters the correct password. Thus, you can limit the users who use your system. Forgetting password can be a problem too. If you forget the password, you would have to reset the system. You can remove the password by leaving the password field blank.

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Remove Password in Windows 10

  • First, open the Settings application. Press the “I” and “Windows” keys together on the keyboard. The settings window will open.
  • Second, tap on the Accounts Menu that appears next to Personalization.
  • Once the Accounts page opens, click on “Sign-in Options” tab. The right pane will display the options of the Sign-in tab.
  • Click on Change button under the Password section.

Remove Password in Windows 10

  • When you click on the button, a pop-up window will open blue in color. Enter the current password in the text box.
  • Now, click on the “Next” button.
  • Leave the fields for Password, Re-enter Password, and Password hint blank. Press enter or tap on next button.
  • Check the update by restarting the system. Also, check Netplwiz Windows 10 for more options.

Windows 10 Remove Login Password: Control Panel

  • First, look for the Control Panel on the desktop. If you are unable to find it, use the search bar instead. Open the Control Panel application on your system.

Windows 10 Remove Login Password

  • On the upper-right section of the window, you will find the User accounts option. Tap on the option.
  • Once the User Accounts page opens, select the account for password removal. If only one account is visible, click on Manage another account. Now, you can select the account.
  • Tap on Change Password. Fill your current password in the first field. Leave the other entire field blank.
  • Now, click on “Change Password” button. Similarly, you can remove password from Windows 8.

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Delete Password Windows 10

The step by step process on How to remove password from Windows 10 is given:

  • First, press the keyboard keys “Windows” and “R” together.

Delete Password Windows 10

  • A small pop-up window will open. Type lusrmgr.msc in the text field. Tap on Ok button.
  • The window for Local Users and Groups Snap-in will open. Open the Users folder.
  • Right-click on an account and select the “Set Password” option.
  • A pop-up window will appear on the screen. Click on Proceed button.
  • The new pop-up window will have two text fields. Leave both the fields blank. Click on Ok button.
  • Close all the windows and restart your system. The login screen won’t prompt you for a password. Likewise, you can remove password from Windows 7.

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