Parallel Space Apk Download App for Android, iOS, PC (Multiple WhatsApp)

Looking for ways to manage personal and professional life on social media apps? Want to run multiple user accounts on a mobile device? Parallel space Apk will help you in solving these issues.  The app allows you to use two user accounts separately. Even you can create dual Parallel Space WhatsApp account on your single device. If you are using Parallel space old version then click on ‘parallel app download’ to download the latest version.

Parallel space apk

What is Parallel Space Apk?

Parallel Space Apk allows you to duplicate and run multiple user accounts on the same app. You can use different themes to style your space. With one account, it becomes very difficult to manage personal and professional life. You can create multiple accounts using the desktop but it limits your usage. Nowadays everyone manages their account using a smartphone. An independent virtual operating system is created on your device that enables parallel space usage. Use of these accounts is not limited to social media. You can create multiple gaming accounts too.

Parallel Space WhatsApp

For better understanding, you can read this example. If you have a Whatsapp account that is used for business purpose too. Every day you receive multiple messages from your relatives, friends, and colleagues. You have to scroll through multiple accounts to check your business related queries. To manage these issues, the app is apt. You can even manage 3 Whatsapp account in one device. If you are interested in using more advanced features of Whatsapp then you can check GBWhatspp APK, GBWhatsapp Plus APK, YoWhatsapp APK, Whatsapp Business and Whatsapp Plus Mod Apk. You can even download Whatsapp plus for iPhone.

Parallel Space App: Details

Name of the App Parallel Space APK
Latest Version V4.0.8456
Purpose Provides a virtual operating system to create multiple accounts
Price Free
Requirement Android 4.0.3+
Space Requirement 7 MB

Parallel Space Lite: Features

  1. You can log in to multiple user accounts: You can maintain your personal and professional life. Gaming experience is doubled. Supports almost all apps for your second account created in parallel space.
  2. User privacy is protected: Users secret apps are hidden by storing them in secret space. Security lock can be used to protect your data.
  3. Customized space can be created: There is an integration of themes stores that allows you to apply multiple customized themes.
  4. Fast switching between accounts: With one-tap, you can switch between two accounts that are running simultaneously.

Parallel Space for iOS

parallel space whatsapp

Parallel space works on ios11+ devices. You can download parallel space for iPhone. In the next post, we will update you with complete details. You can also check parallel space for windows phone.

How to use parallel space?

A virtualized and isolated environment is created that supports individual platforms for mobile computing. The apps running in virtual operating system work in the same way as the original device.

Parallel Space Download

Parallel space is available for free. You can download the application from its official site. Just click on the link and you will be able to download it.


The Parallel Space Apk provides you with an excellent way to manage multiple accounts. The app supports 24 languages thus making it easy to use for a lot of users. If you want to enhance your gaming experience and double the fun you are having on gaming then you have to download the app.

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