Free Download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone without Jailbreak

Nowadays, people have started using modified version of WhatsApp that is WhatsApp plus. The WhatsApp Plus is getting popular day by day. If you are using WhatsApp instead of WhatsApp plus and looking for upgraded features then you can download WhatsApp plus on your mobile phone. The user can download WhatsApp Plus Apk on their Android and iOS devices. Initially, people who has jailbroken their iPhone can only downloaded the app on their iPhone. Now people can download this app even without Jailbreaking the app. Here you can check the process to install and Download Whatsapp Plus for iPhone with and without Jailbreaking.

Download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone without jailbreak

WhatsApp Plus for iPhone

Downloading the WhatsApp Plus for iPhone is very easy. People can download WhatsApp plus App with or without Jailbreaking their device. WhatsApp Plus is offering many upgraded features that you will not find in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus Features

  • The user can customize the look of WhatsApp using WhatsApp plus features.
  • Now you do not have to crop your photograph to set your profile picture.
  • At a time, the user can send more than 15 pictures.
  • You can also send videos of upto 100MB size
  • You can hide your online status, Blue ticks, and second ticks of msgs.
  • The user can share music and audio files via their iPhone.
  • You can even customize the color of the text appearing in chat bubbles.
  • The user can also change the overall color of WhatsApp using its custom theme.
  • WhatsApp Plus also provide feature of Passcode and TouchID to lock WhatsApp with passcode.

How to install WhatsApp Plus without Jailbreaking?

You might have heard that the user can only download WhatsApp Plus only when the device is jailbroken but things has changed. Now you can install WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone without jailbreaking. Check the process to download WhatsApp Plus without jailbroken the iPhone device.

WhatsApp Plus for iPhone

  • To download WhatsApp Plus without jailbreaking, you must have Safari Browser with you.
  • Open any third-party app store like tweak box that has WhatsApp plus app in Safari browser.
  • At the end, you will find an icon Get the app.
  • Click on the icon and then you will find Install link.
  • Open the tweak box app and there you will find WhatsApp Plus app.
  • Click on the app and install the app by clicking on the Install icon.
  • Go to the settings option, then general, and then Profile & device management.
  • Then click on the link Trust the profile of WhatsApp Plus.
  • After this you will find that WhatsApp plus is installed on your device.

Last Verdict

Installing WhatsApp Plus on iPhone and iOS devices without Jailbreaking is an easy process. All you have to follow the easy process. After the complete installation of WhatsApp plus you can delete Tweak box app from your iPhone device. You can download WhatsApp plus on iOS 9.3, 10, & 11 devices. Now you can enjoy all WhatsApp Plus upgraded features. Explore all the features that you will not find in WhatsApp.

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