WhatsApp Plus Download (Descargar)

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp that comes with extra options that let you customize user interface. The WhatsApp+ is also known as WhatsApp Plus Holo that has Blue Color icon. But the major issue is that you must delete the original version of WhatsApp if you want WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version

The WhatsApp Plus comes with various upgraded features including Themes, new emoticons, hide status, file sharing options, customize its settings and appearance.

Advantages of WhatsApp Plus over WhatsApp

  • With WhatsApp Plus, the user can send files from 2MB to 50MB.
  • The user can share the images original with normal size.
  • Hide Profile pictures.
  • Share music and voice notes with just one click.
  • Theme Viewer and downloader.
  • Customize the WhatsApp Plus look, chat screen, conversation screen, header background, and other.
  • The user can change the color of icon as it supports Cyan, Gray, Red, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Yellow, and Pink.

WhatsApp Plus over WhatsApp

WhatsApp+ Privacy

The WhatsApp Plus comes up with upgraded privacy settings that offer more comfort to its user.

  • Online Status: The user can hide his or her Online Status.
  • Blue Tick: The user can hide blue ticks for contacts and group after reading the message.
  • Second Tick: The user can hide the second tick as well when he or she deliver the message.
  • Writing Tick: The user can hide writing tick when you type the message.
  • Recording Status: Hide recording status whenever you record the voice.
  • View Status: The user can hide the View Status also; your name will not appear after you have seen the status of your friend.

Media and File Sharing

With WhatsApp Plus, you can share various audio files, pics, videos, and e-books.

  • Document and File: With WhatsApp Plus, the user can send files including PDF, TXT, APK, EXE up to 50MB.
  • Camera: The user can send pics, video recording also with high quality and at high speed.
  • Gallery: Send HD pictures and video recordings from gallery to file manager of up to 50MB.
  • Audio: Send audio files, music, and video files of up to 50MB.
  • Location: Share your location or place with just one click.
  • Contact: With this app, you can choose and send many contacts to your friends.

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